About Me

I don’t write in one specific genre or type of book as I want to explore each one.

I have published three children’s books: The Cat Waved Back, Toby the Little Green Frog and Counting Blocks Numbers 1-20.

I am currently writing several full length novels and the current progress can be seen in the book progress widget on the right hand side. Horror: The Hollow Town; Science Fiction: The Alexia; Paranormal: In Dreams.

You can purchase my books via the Shop: Books page.

I have been involved in the graphic arts for over five years creating vector illustrations, photography, 3d illustrations as well as animations. My stock illustrations are available through various stock websites as well as on my own website at images.mddu.com.

I work in the fiber arts (knitting and crocheting) as well as make my own jewelry. I enjoy taking yarn or beads and creating something unique that you can’t just buy off the rack or shelf.

I’m a mother of three with two cats.  I enjoy listening to music and playing the bass guitar.