Fabric box and updates

Fabric Box

Fabric Box

Fabric Box and Updates

Fabric Box

Fabric Box

I made this over the weekend with a tutorial I found on Pinterest. The tutorial is on the Geta’s Quilting Studio Site.

I tried a different fabric box before this one but the directions were confusing and it ended up being a botched job. My youngest daughter, however, has confiscated it for herself 🙂

This tutorial uses up a lot of thread but I ended up with a sturdy box. I used decor weight fabrics that I purchased in the remnants section at Wal-Mart with Therm-o-Web’s Heat-n-Bond Lite to hold the main and lining fabric together. It turned out pretty well and I’m using it to store fat quarters for a quilt for myself once I finish my postage stamp quilt. In the mean time, I’ll still be collecting fat quarters as I’m curious as to how many this will hold. Right now there are 14 FQs (the orange ones in the front are for my youngest daughters quilt) and it had 18 in there at one point with still room for more.

I’m still using my old wooden CD rack to hold other fabric and have taken to cutting 3 1/2 inch wide by (not sure how long) cardboard to hold larger fabrics on a mini bolt. I’m also going to fix my ironing issue since I broke my mini ironing board a few months ago. I can still use it but I’d rather not lean over on the floor or sit down and use it like I did last night. I’d rather stand up. I’m thinking of purchasing a folding wooden TV tray and covering that and using it as an ironing board but we’ll see.

I finally got two rows done on my kids’ quilts (sans my sons quilt as I ran out of red…OOPS!) but that will get fixed on Sunday since I do my fabric purchases after work tomorrow morning.

I also decided, at the suggestion of my oldest daughter, to put sashing on my postage stamp quilt. My blocks are not exactly coming together perfectly and that might detract from the wonkyness of my seams. I have managed to get 31 blocks (4 x 4) that measure about 4 1/2 inches when sewn and will end up being 4 inches once I get the sashing on it. I still need to pick a color for it. White is a color on my not to use for that list. I’ll have to look around and see if something catches my eyes. The sashing will have 1 inch blocks of whatever color in the corners and will be 1 inch wide.

I will be making another fabric grocery bag tonight. The outside will be rainbow peace symbols on the outside and a bright yellow paisley for the lining. I wish the peace symbol fat quarter was cut differently since the way this bag works it uses 2 fq’s for the outside and 2 fq’s for the inside. Folding it down the longest length makes the symbols sideways :/ I’ll know that better for the future if I choose another patterned fabric like that.

Nothing else going on aside from when I get off of work Sunday morning I’ll be on vacation for week. This will give me a chance to go to all the stores I don’t normally get to on my days off. Just gonna go and see what’s out there.

Have you made anything recently? Let me know in the comments.


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