The Stargazer Project

Coming Soon! Any blog post pertaining to this project will be linked at the top of this page with the latest post first.

This is a project that’s been on my to do list for some time now. But basically it’s to be a music video with my interpretation of the song “Stargazer” by Rainbow.

The project will be completed using Blender 3d and possibly some other graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator. The version of the song I will be using is the Rough Mix off of the Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition which stands at just over nine minutes long.

I started working on some elements for the project last year but my nice HD monitor decided that it didn’t want to work properly anymore. The replacement monitor I have just doesn’t cut it as it’s too small and doesn’t show colors properly.

Once I can get a new monitor I’ll start this project up again from scratch as some of the objects I initially made require more attention to detail. I do hope to start working on this again it’s a very advantageous project that I would really like to complete.

To Do List:

  • Write the Script – In Progress
  • Character modeling (15 – 2 base meshes one male one female will be used to propagate all characters with major and minor edits to be different includes materials, textures and clothing) – In Progress
  • Rigging characters to armature
  • Object modeling (includes materials and textures) – In Progress
  • Set design and modeling (includes materials and textures)
  • Short clip animations (Intro, 5 repeatable, outro – 7 total, 1 is complete)