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Yeah I haven’t posted in a good while, since July. A lot of things have happened since then. I lost my precious cat Miss Kitty. She was just over 20 years old when she left us on July 22. My other cat Sneakers hasn’t been the same since then. It was just too depressing to work on anything since that happened.

Miss Kity

Miss Kitty

I’ll get back to work on “The Hollow Town” in October. I’ve been focusing on my music this month instead of writing. Last week I decided I wanted to hear what I sounded like playing my own instruments together instead of hearing it digitally. I video recorded myself playing the keyboard and the bass and put them together.

Making the separate videos was easy…putting it together, however, was difficult. I don’t exactly have a dedicated video editing program that could handle what I needed/wanted the video to look like so I used my Blender 3d program. It has a video sequence editor so I thought “How hard could this be?”

Turns out that it was a really slow process. I kept having issues with my HD videos trying to render it out as it was (memory issues that kept closing my program). So I started looking online if there was any way to combat that pesky running out of memory issue…there wasn’t. I’d lost all hope that I’d ever get this done until I ran across a message board post with a user that was having the same problem. Another user told them to render out the videos as images then put it all together again. I had over 12,000 frames I needed to render out and I was hoping that it would go quickly…it didn’t. It took around three days to render out all of the image frames. It then took over two hours to render out the final video from Blender. You can see the fruits of my labor below.

I took my bass in to a tech today to get the nut filed so the strings will sit in there properly and I can lower the action more. I can’t learn how to play slap bass with how it’s set up right now. I should have it back by this Thursday or Friday. I don’t like being without my instruments but I had to get it done. I’m going to be getting the same thing done to my guitar when I can. I did manage to find guitar picks that I like a few weeks ago so that’s a plus. I just can’t play fast enough since the strings are sitting too high and I can’t lower them anymore than they are.

I’ve also decided that instead of a synth I will be getting a digital piano to add to my songs. If I need a synth, I have one on the computer but that would be something of an overlay or some sort of undertone to the rest of the song.

Not much else is happening except I’m taking my writing and musical journeys one step at a time. It feels like it’s taking forever to accomplish both but I do know that I will get there.


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