Working on a brand new site

I haven’t blogged since September 2016 (I know, I know). I’ve been busy trying to get all of my unfinished projects finished and all of my first drafts to final drafts. I also wanted to make a new site to share my knowledge of knitting and crocheting.

Needles and Hooks will be coming soon (either March or April) where I will show you how to knit and crochet. There will be patterns, tips and tricks and basically anything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to knit and crochet.

Right now the site is still in its infancy. I’m working hard to build content for it before I release it into the world. It’s been slow going but it’s getting there. I am working on adding the first knit and crochet step by step patterns on the site. These are going to take time as I’ve been taking photos of each step. I also have tons of other ideas for the site as well.

I know I’ve been ignoring this place for months and I need to get back to doing things how I used to. I hope to not be a stranger to you all anymore.


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